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Professional Services
Professional Services
Site Evaluation

Small businesses thrive on a low cost IT solution. Not all businesses need an in-house Information Technology specialist. Cirrus-IT believes that a Small Business Network Solution is achievable at a fraction of the cost. Through our Site Evaluation service we will determine if your current infrastructure is secure, efficient, reliable, and redundant. Helping you make decisions for your future expansion is our goal.
Project Management and Consultative Services

Sometimes the best way to ensure that your IT Projects are completed on time to a non biased standard, is to utilize a third party Project Management Service. This ensures that the contracting project manager who's sole responsibility is to complete each project within its specifications and deadline, is working for you. Cirrus-IT provides a start to finish Project Management Service that will take the pain out of IT project deployment.  We will deal with quotes, vendor interviews, project status management, and deliverables. We will give you weekly status updates and coordinate with your vendors to ensure an on-time delivery. All this for a fraction of the cost in hiring an in house IT Project Manager.
Network Development and Deployment

Cirrus-IT offers a full Network Development and Deployment Service for small to medium sized businesses with 5 - 50 employees. We will manage the design and development of each network from hardware to software recommendations, purchasing, and installation. Then we can turn the keys over to you or if you choose to go with one of our recommended System Management Vendors, we can ensure a seamless transition.
System and Network Management

Developing a network that works for you is key to the success of your business, but managing it for the days to come can be the cement in your foundation. Cirrus-IT offers services in partnership with some of our preferred contractors to manage your network and keep you running smoothly. Our network specialists are trained and certified to meet the needs of today's technology.
Web Services

Your web presence is just as important as your physical infrastructure in today's Electronic Business Economy. Cirrus-IT is a Microsoft Website Spark Partner, and can deliver a website that will represent your business on the World Wide Web. We can also work with Microsoft in deploying a Web-Based Email Solution utilizing Microsoft's latest Online Exchange Technology. Together we can bring your business online and take you to the next level of E-Commerce.

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